2015 International Remote Renewables Workshop
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Innovation and resiliency on the microgrid


The 2nd Renewables in Remote Microgrids conference, hosted by the Government of the Northwest Territories, will be held in from September 15th to 17th 2015 in Yellowknife, NWT. The Government of Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural Resources, Bullfrog Power, the Pembina Institute, and the Government of Canada are organizing the event and will be building off the success of the first conference held in Toronto in June 2013. The conference will bring together 100-150 leading experts, community members, manufacturers and researchers from across North America with the goal of promoting economic development, environmental sustainability and energy security.

Attendees will understand how enabling indigenous and other communities to develop local clean energy projects can help these communities displace their reliance on diesel fuel. Participants will also be exposed to the benefits and opportunities both domestic and abroad.

Overall conference objectives:

  • Provide a forum for those engaged in renewables in remote microgrids to collaborate, cooperate and share experiences.
  • Allow representatives from remote communities to share their realities with renewable microgrid practitioners; allow utilities and academics to share latest thinking around rate models.
  • Maintain momentum in the growth of Canadian capacity to develop and benefit from renewable remote microgrids.
  • Advance system change (technical, policy and socio-economic) for renewable technology uptake in remote communities and facilities in Canada.

Conference participant types identified:

Participant Example
Project champions Community representatives/project initiators, band councils, remote industry (i.e., mining companies)
Government program managers Representatives from government departments and agencies with funding programs or policies for renewable microgrid projects
Project management industry Project management consultants, technical advisors, systems integrators, FN economic develoment corporations
Project suppliers and industry partners Renewable energy companies, storage companies, controls developers and suppliers
Utility stakeholders Generation, transmission and distribution utility staff and board members

Participant benefits summary (PDF download)


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