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November 2017


Each year, millions of people visit Banff National Park—Canada’s first ever national park. The Town of Banff, located within the park, is doing its part to protect our cherished natural environment by installing solar power projects around town. Bullfrog Power is proud to play a part in the Town’s solar journey—read more.


David Suzuki: Brighter times or a dark age?

In this article, Dr. David Suzuki of the bullfrogpowered David Suzuki Foundation discusses the shift that needs to occur when it comes to how we approach our energy sources. How far we have we come in renewable technology and how can we achieve the shift to a renewably powered future in Canada? Read on.


Clean Energy Canada's Clean Fuel Standard

Last year, the federal government announced the development of a policy that would reduce carbon emissions in Canada through the use of cleaner fuels in vehicles, buildings and industry. To promote the plan, Bullfrog partner Clean Energy Canada designed its own Clean Fuel Standard document in line with the federal government’s requirements. Read the full report.


Save energy in your home—in time for winter!

Many Canadians will be cranking up the thermostat when the chilly winter season comes, which can mean bigger electricity bills for your home. For ideas to help keep warm and keep energy use down, check out Bullfrog's conservation tips e-booklet!


Five ways Moksha Yoga is working toward a greener planet

With 65 studios across the country, bullfrogpowered customer Moksha Yoga educates thousands of Canadians each year on the health benefits of practicing yoga. But did you know that Moksha Yoga studios in Canada are going above and beyond to make sure their practices and spaces are as green as possible?

This blog post—featuring Moksha Yoga co-founders Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson shares the top five ways that Moksha Yoga is working toward a greener planet.



Brain Power brings environmental learning to students

Brain Power, an after-school educational space for students in Vaughan, Ontario, is bullfrogpowered! Brain Power works out of the Eco-Build: a green learning space built from environmentally friendly materials such as walls composed of recycled tetra-paks and insulation made from reclaimed jeans! Learn more about this innovative learning space.


Sustainable sightseeing on the West Coast

WESTCOAST Sightseeing has been operating for more than 30 years, offering day tours in the Vancouver area—and is now choosing 100% green electricity for its new electric buses. WESTCOAST will be replacing its fleet of 80 buses with zero-emission, silent-running electric buses over the next five years. Welcome to the bullfrogpowered community!

Bullfrog welcomes the newest businesses to the community: